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How to Make Money on Youtube

Hello friends, today i will be explaining about how to make money on youtube with micro niche channels. Earning money online is not  a very easy task, but if you are determined and working on right goals you can eventually earn some good amount of money.
You might have gone through some youtube money making guide but what i am going to explain is somehow different. Firstly let us discuss about micro niche youtube channels.
make money with youtube

What are micro niche youtube channels

You might have heard about micro niche websites which are build on a specific micro niche. Similarly you can build some micro niche youtube channels.  These channels will be very specific and related to the sub niche, contain good 30-40 videos related to the main niche and make some good money for you.

How to make money on youtube

You will find many webmasters telling you to target large audience and profitable keywords, but i would not tell you to do so.Remember  “youtube is a self build platform to showcase your talent to the world and target user through the web”.
To create a micro niche youtube channels just follow few simple points below and you are good to go.
Step 1 ) Choose a niche or topic of your choice.
Step 2) Search what users are searching related to the niche.
youtube keyword research
Step 3) Create good quality videos related to different long tail keywords. Eg if you are good at soccer make videos as “how to do a volley” and say if you are good at making pizza’s, create videos like “how to make a pizza at home” etc.
Now is the time to make sure your video rank well on your targeted keywords, make sure you follow these points
  • Add keyword to the video title
  • Add proper and complete description to the youtube video, add exact and related tags to your videos, make sure there are keywords in video description and tags as well.
Step 4) socialize your videos on facebook, you can create a facebook page for your videos, create a blog and share your skills and videos and try and drive traffic to your videos by sharing your videos to other social media sites as well.
Step 5) Monetize your content with google adsense, add google ads to your videos and soon when you will be getting targeted traffic you will generate some decent money with youtube.
Step 6) Create 4-5 such channels and enjoy money flowing in your adsense account.
This is how you can make money on youtube by creating different small micro niche channels and earn some decent money using youtube. I too am working on some micro niche youtube channels and they are giving good response. If you would like to add something do leave a comment below.
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